vibrating conveyor

What is
vibrating conveyor?

Vibrating conveyor is a king of vibrator to vibrate the trough, so that the tank material in a certain direction of sliding or throwing a continuous conveyor machinery.

The vibration conveyor uses the motor as the high quality vibration source, causes the material to be tossed at the same time forward movement, achieves the transportation goal; The structure form divides into the open type, the seal type; The transmission form may the trough transmission or the tube type transportation, the electrical machinery position Can be up, down or side mounted side.

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Classification of vibrating conveyor

Vibration conveyor is divided into elastic linkage, electromagnetic and inertial three.

1.Flexible connecting rod type.
Elastic connecting rod vibration conveyor consists of eccentric shaft, connecting rod, connecting rod end spring and trough and so on. Eccentric shaft rotation to make the end of reciprocating rod movement, causing the tank for directional vibration. So that the material within the tank continue to move forward. Vibration conveyor generally uses low frequency, large amplitude or medium frequency and medium amplitude.
2.Electromagnetic type
Electromagnetic vibration conveyor by the core, coil, armature and chute and other components. Rectified current through the coil, the cyclical changes in the electromagnetic attraction, stirred tank vibrate. Generally use high frequency, small amplitude.
3.Inertial type
Inertia type by the eccentric block, spindle, chute and other components, eccentric block rotation generated by the centrifugal inertia of the vibration caused by the trough. Medium frequency and amplitude are generally used.

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Uses and

• Vibrating conveyor with high yield, low energy consumption, reliable work, the structure of a single, small size, easy maintenance and other advantages;
• It is widely used in food, grain, feed and other sectors for the transportation of massive, granular and powdered materials;
• Improves the working environment when fabricated in a closed tank body; it is generally not advisable to transport viscous or too wet materials.

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As a member of SINOCSM Group, We provide TD/TH bucket elevator, NE bucket elevator(Plate chain), connecting rod vibration conveyor, DZS motor vibration conveyor, LS screw conveyor which are widely used for cement industry, steelmaking industry ,chemical industry and so on.

Vibrating conveyors are widely used in metallurgy, coal, building materials, chemicals, food and other industries in the powder and granular material delivery. Features: The model is simple, easy installation, easy maintenance, low energy consumption, no dust, the advantages of low noise.

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