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High frequency vibrating screen

High-frequency vibration screening equipment is a high-frequency, low-amplitude dewatering of materials grading equipment. High-frequency vibration screening equipment is a high-frequency, low-amplitude material on the dehydration of grading equipment, vibration intensity, high frequency, light weight, smooth and reliable operation, product handling capacity.

High frequency vibrating screen manufacturer

 High frequency vibrating screen


High-frequency vibrating screen is called high-frequency screen, high-frequency vibrating screen (high-frequency screen) from the exciter, slurry dispenser, screen frame, rack, suspension springs and mesh components.



High-frequency vibration screening is suitable for food industry, chemical industry, pharmaceutical industry, abrasive ceramics, metallurgical industry, any powder, granules, mucus sieve filtration.



•Small size, light weight, easy to install and move, the height can be adjusted freely;
•High screening accuracy, high efficiency, any powder, grain, mucus class can be applied;
•Vibration frequency is high, up to 3000 times / min, the fine-grained, high viscosity material screening effect is more obvious
•Unique screen structure, convenient and fast loading network, in addition to all vibration motor made of stainless steel, beautiful appearance generous



The power switch (not to use the knife switch) and the grounding wire should ensure good contact. Do not run the motor in phase, otherwise it will cause the motor to burn. The machine should be placed in and around the minimum distance of 500mm, in order to avoid collision. Fine mesh replacement:
1. Loosen the six plastic head nuts, remove the upper hopper and net ring.
2. The fine mesh should be placed horizontally up on the mesh ring;
3. Repeat the above steps to press the tightener into the upper annular groove and lock;
4. Use scissors to remove excess screen.

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